• Le Neu Advocaten - Fees

Fees and expenses

After the first meeting at the office, the lawyer involved will review the case objectively, letting you know what to expect and how your file looks from a legal point of view. Together you can decide what stance is the best for you to take.

Initially, we will attempt to settle the case amicably. If this is not possible or desirable, a legal procedure will be started. The client will be closely involved throughout the course of the procedure.

Unless otherwise agreed, Le Neu advocaten employs an hourly rate of 135,00 or 200,00 euros excluding VAT, which will have standard office fees added to it.

During a legal procedure, there are other legal costs in addition to ours (f.e. summons fees, seizure fees, ...), which will be invoiced directly by the bailiff to the client.

Le Neu advocaten also offers the option to purchase an annual subscription to legal services under more favourable conditions. Ask about the conditions.